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Now for the yummy part.....

All my Luxury Wedding Cakes are made using the finest quality ingredients including homemade and especially local to Nottinghamshire wherever possible.

Very Vanilla Sponge

A gorgeous light and airy sponge, the sponge speaks for itself!  Using real vanilla bean paste it has a lovely light and clean flavour. Filled with either strawberry or raspberry preserve and a vanilla pod buttercream.

Zesty Lemon Sponge

Infused with freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest, filled with lemon curd and a lemon buttercream.

Elderflower Sponge

Delicately flavoured with Elderflower essence giving a gorgeously light and refreshing flavour.  Filled with white chocolate ganache lightly infused with lavender.

Vanilla & Strawberry/Raspberry Sponge

The Very Vanilla sponge; with the addition of freeze dried Strawberry or Raspberry pieces which add a delicate hint of flavour to the sponge, filled with matching preserve and vanilla pod buttercream.

Elderflower & Lemon Sponge

The perfect pairing of these two luscious flavours is a perfect pairing to your special day.  Filled with an elderflower and lemon buttercream.

Caramel Sponge

A soft caramel flavoured sponge which is simply delicious, filled with a salted caramel sauce and caramel buttercream.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Sponge

A truly sumptuous sponge flavoured with white chocolate and infused with raspberry pieces, creating a truly gorgeous sponge, which is then filled with a white chocolate buttercream and raspberry preserve.

Lotus Biscoff sponge

One for all the Lotus fanatics, a sponge full of biscoff flavour and filled with a biscoff buttercream and lotus biscoff spread

Jasmine Rose Sponge

A really lovely flavour which sets this cake apart from others, definitely one to be enjoyed at a Wedding as it is such a special choice.  Filled with vanilla pod buttercream.

Cherry Bakewell Sponge

Based on the traditional Cherry Bakewell this sponge doesn't disappoint!  An almond based sponge filled with cherry compote and vanilla pod buttercream.

Rose & Pistachio Sponge

A scrumptious sponge filled with ground pistachio's and rose extract and filled with rose petal jam and pistachio buttercream.

Pink Gin & Rose Lemonade Sponge

A gorgeously boozy sponge for the gin lovers out there!  Pink Gin and Rose lemonade are used to infuse the sponge and the buttercream here and it tastes amazing!

Rich Chocolate Sponge

A moist rich chocolate fix in a cake!!  There are no mild milk chocolate flavours here, the chocolate hits you as I use a really good quality chocolate and it's filled with a smooth chocolate buttercream. 

Chocolate Orange Sponge

Just like a Terrys Chocolate Orange, Mmmmm.

My rich chocolate sponge with freshly squeezed orange juice and zest and filled with a smooth chocolate orange buttercream. 

Black Forest Sponge

Based on the German dessert which became popular in the 1980's; Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, a rich chocolate sponge brushed with cherry syrup filled with kirsch soaked cherry compote and a smooth chocolate ganache.  You might even want a can of squirty cream!

Neapolitan sponge

A visual kaleidoscope of sponge layers.  Chocolate sponges envelop strawberry sponge and vanilla sponge, then filled with strawberry preserve and a mix of strawberry buttercream and vanilla pod buttercream.

Carrot Cake

Very moist carrot cake layers filled with silky smooth vanilla pod buttercream.

Rich Fruit Cake

Richly fruited deep cake, quenched with a smooth alcohol to help preserve and mature then covered with homemade almond paste. 

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