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Weddings V's Covid

I never thought my first Blog would be about a Pandemic!....

Since this pandemic began, it has affected many industries and brought the Wedding Industry to it's knees!

This is such a sad fact - however, this industry built on LOVE is a hugely important one and one that will bounce back with gusto!

Why? Because...

* People will always fall in love - FACT

* People will always want to commit to each other - FACT

* People will always want to shout it from the rooftops - FACT


* People will always want to celebrate with Family and Friends - FACT

So with this in mind, lets start looking forward to the return of 'Saying "I do"' witnessed by your nearest and dearest; laughing over hilarious Best Man speeches; eating, drinking and generally enjoying an amazing Wedding Day better than you ever imagined!

If you've just started out on this exciting road after #Isaidyes, what should you be asking your supplier?

* Is your date flexible? - For if things take slightly longer to return to normal and you or your venue decide the date should be moved or that you should have a 'back-up' date.

* Where do you stand if you decide to postpone without a future date?

* What happens to your deposit if you decide to cancel /postpone etc?

* Do they have a 'Covid' policy?

Now you've read that, I imagine you might be wondering what The Cake Story's position is on these questions and how I would answer.

That's easy!

This is - The Cake Story's 'Covid Policy';

I will do everything I can to make your Special Day stay exactly that!

* If you decide to move your date and I have the date available, then I will move you to your new date.

* If you set a 'Back-up' date, and I have that available I will hold it for 1 month, while you make decisions.

* Postponement without a future date is absolutely fine, all I ask is that you keep me in the loop and check all favourable new dates with me as soon as you know them.

* Nothing happens to your deposit, it isn't affected. If in the worst case scenario you decide that you have been placed in an impossible position and that unhappily you have to cancel, you will be entitled to a full refund of your £100 deposit.

Put simply, you can relax and get on with the exciting things like planning your Special Day

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